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Address: 1850 70th Street, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Phone: 651-457-3667

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FootGolf - have you tried it? FootGolf is a way to enjoy time on a golf course by playing a new, exciting sport that combines the popular sports of golf and soccer together. The sport is played much like a traditional game of golf; players kick a soccer ball from the starting tee area to the hole, which is 21 inches in diameter and marked with a flag.

Just as in golf, where the goal is to complete the course in the least number of swings, the object of FootGolf is to complete the course using the fewest of kicks. Players select a starting tee area based on skill level. The holes played will vary in both length and difficulty based on the teeing area chosen by the players. Players may elect to play a 9 or 18 hold round.