Science Museum of Minnesota
February 19 through Labor Day, September 5
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Get a rare, up-close look at nearly 20 mummies from ancient Peru and Egypt in this stunning new exhibition, developed by the world-renowned Field Museum of Chicago. Featuring one of the largest collections of mummies in North America, Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs lets you see how modern technology has revealed intricate details about the lives and customs of these ancient people. Saint Paul is one of only four cities on this exclusive tour. Don’t miss it!

Unravel the mysteries

Also on display will be richly decorated coffins, sarcophaguses, mummification tools, and mummies of birds, cats, and crocodiles. At interactive touch tables, you can “unwrap” layers of mummies, to see the precious objects the bodies were buried with, as well as vivid details about the individual children, teens, and adults who lived out their lives in ancient times. Using the modern technologies of CT scanning and 3D printing, scientists have revealed a detailed look into long-vanished cultures of Peru and Egypt.

Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs